Portage, MI Autism Treatment Center Backwards Step

The local news here is jumping all over a new long term locked treatment facility for youth on the Autism Spectrum in Portage, MI.  The facility run by local adult foster care non profit Residential Opportunities Incorporated  (ROI) of Kalamazoo, MI would lock away kids for six to eighteen months in a facility known as The Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research. Continue reading “Portage, MI Autism Treatment Center Backwards Step”

Higher Pay Needed for Disability Care Givers

I recently meet up again with an old staff that i use to work with and we got to talking about how  there needs to be higher pay for  care takers of people who are living in independent settings, who have staffing in their homes as of now the pay for these people is not much at all and the turn over rate is horrible for this kind of staffing. Continue reading “Higher Pay Needed for Disability Care Givers”

Sheltered Workshops, Medicaid and Fred Upton

Sheltered Workshops are one of the biggest segregation and anti inclusion issues for people with various disabilities.  They remove people with various disabilities from the normal workforce, pay them at a sub minimum wage pay and basically financially exploit people with disabilities for the profit of organizations running sheltered workshops.   Continue reading “Sheltered Workshops, Medicaid and Fred Upton”