Obama To Propose Cuts to Social Security COLA


The Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment that happens annualy to help those with disabilities that are reliant on Social Security and its programs afford things as the cost of food and other items go up.  President Obama is expected to unveil a proposal tomorrow that will significantly cut the cost of living increase as part of the budget roadmap.   Continue reading “Obama To Propose Cuts to Social Security COLA”

2014 Social Security COLA Increase

social security colaEvery year Social Security decides if the Cost of Living (COLA) has gone up and adjusts the payout of its disability and retirement programs to the cost of living.  The cost of living increase is based on the consumer price index.    Many have written in and asked if I know what the 2014 Cost of Living Increase will be for social securities SSI, SSDI and RSDI programs. Continue reading “2014 Social Security COLA Increase”